MASC's Demo Paper got accepted to FSE! [Special]

Written on July 24, 2023

While I have published demonstration track papers previously at ICSE/MobileSoft’18 and ICSE’21, the ESEC/FSE’23 tool demo paper that got accepted is special. Note that both ICSE and FSE are top tier software engineering conferences.

What makes this particular publication unique is the list of authors. Syed Yusuf Ahmed and Radowan Redoy, both 4th/final year students from IIT, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, are the first authors with me in this paper!

Image is a collage of two images arranged vertically. The top image shows the status of the MASC demo paper as accepted, the bottom image shows the first page of the paper with authors from both W&M and IIT.
MASC Tool Demo paper accepted at the ESEC/FSE'23!

This became possible through the International Scholar Mentorship program I envisioned, designed, pitched, and implemented last year with support from my advisors, Dr. Adwait Nadkarni and Dr. Denys Poshyvanyk from William & Mary, and my teachers and colleagues at IIT, University of Dhaka - Dr. Kazi Sakib, Dr. Shafiul Alam, and Dr. Ahmedul Kabir. The program allows students to officially work on academic research guided by international scholars for their final, 6-credit Software Engineering project in the Bachelor’s program of IIT.

While it is common for students to collaborate and get involved with academic research unofficially throughout the world, this is the first program of its type in Bangladesh, especially within the SE/CS discipline, to the best of my knowledge. As far as I know and remember, this is also the first time an IIT Undergrad student’s first author paper got accepted at any top tier software engineering conference, in any track!

Of course, it became possible through the efforts of Yusuf and Radowan, and the reviews this paper received are testaments to that. It was a pleasure for me to guide both of them directly.

Yusuf will join Purdue University this Fall for his Ph.D., where he plans to work on DL/Security. Radowan had personal goals to achieve this year and aims to go for Ph.D. next year!

You can read more about MASC here. You can also take a look at its open source code!

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