YouTube vs Spotify - I choose YouTube

Written on January 7, 2024
YouTube vs Spotify - Initial Image generated using Microsoft Bing Image Creator
YouTube vs Spotify - Initial Image generated using Microsoft Bing Image Creator

My Experience with Spotify Premium

I have been using Spotify Premium for quite some time, for at least two years. I say at least two years because that is how far Spotify allows me to check the order history. As far as I remember, when I first subscribed to Spotify Premium, YouTube Music was not introduced yet.

How has my experience with Spotify been so far?

I ❤️ it.

At this point, you are probably asking: hang on a minute - you literally wrote you’ve chosen YouTube, but you love Spotify? Is this clickbait? 🤔

It is not. I love Spotify. It has great features for music enthusiasts - playlists, recommendations, offline music, etcetera etcetera. Pretty much anything you can ask for. It even shows you “scrollable” lyrics using Musixmatch! There is nothing wrong with how Spotify offers what it offers. Heck, I am pretty sure after Google [killed off] [Google Podcasts], Spotify will gain even more users because of its podcasts.

The issue, however, is with what Spotify offers when it comes to music. Sure, both YouTube and Spotify offer the official tracks from many popular Artists.

Why I prefer YouTube

Because YouTube/YouTube Music is more open, it allows independent/popular/artists to upload covers and unofficial music tracks you can not find anywhere on Spotify. I accidentally learned this when exchanging my favorite tracks with a friend who is a music enthusiast and realized that I have been missing out on some really great tracks.

Case in point: Can’t help falling in Love by Twenty One Pilots.

It is a fantastic cover by Twenty One Pilots. But, you [can not find it in Spotify] if you search for it. Of course it is never recommended to me, and even if you can find it using Google Search in Spotify’s web version, you can not play it.

And that is the deal breaker for me.

Sure, YouTube Music as a player can improve. But I am not too keen on choosing a platform that is perfect as a music player, but does not let me listen to diverse, less-known tracks, covers, and/or artists. Of course you can disagree with me. I am in fact curious to learn about your thoughts on this, so please feel free to drop a comment.

I still have to figure out a way to export my Spotify Playlists to YouTube Music. Somehow.

If you do know a way to automate that for hundreds of tracks, please let me know!

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