A Surprise Gift from VASEM with Historical Ties

Today I received a gift that relates to Southern American history and culture.

Engraved on the cup was this: Virginia Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicine (VASEM), COVES 2022 on the other side.

COVES Fellow 2022 Julep Cup
COVES Fellow 2022 Julep Cup

Of course, I am one of the Commonwealth of Virginia Engineering & Science (COVES) Policy Fellows for year 2022!

But why a cup? Of this rather peculiar shape?

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Reviewing Papers: Adding a note Page after each page in PDF programmatically

I had this brilliant idea of adding a cornell style note page after every single page of a paper I am reviewing. Because why not, right? Everyone loves tinkering around the reviewing process instead of actually reviewing, so … there.

Turns out that it is fairly simple to do this programmatically using python these days. You need a PyPi packaged called pypdf2 package before, and a template style cornell page that you can generate from here.

An image with two PDF thumbnail images side by side. The first image shows the PDF version of this website, with an arrow stretching from it to the second image. The second image is of cornel style note page.

You are golden at this point. Here are the steps:

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9 Years of Brightness Controller - Experience, Gratitude and Lessons Learned

It has been (a little over) nine years since I first started working on Brightness Controller for Linux. My goals were simple when making this,

a) learn Python as a programming language and

b) solve a pain point for me.

Turns out that my pain point is also a pain point for other people!

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Submitting to IEEE/ACM conferences - Lessons Learned

Recently I faced a few problems for a paper written using ACM conference template. The problems were related to Bibliography, IEEE PDF eXpress and Bookmarks! Here are the details and how I solved them with the help of different materials available across the Internet.

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Why Crypto-detectors Fail: A Systematic Evaluation of Cryptographic Misuse Detection Techniques

How well do tools that detect Cryptographic misuse (i.e., Crypto-detectors) work in practice?

We answer this question in our IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (A*/top-tier) 2022 paper using a systematic, data-driven mutation framework for evaluating detectors, that reveals significant flaws in popular tools.

1 Minute Video

Please turn on sound!

Key ideas are 👇🏽

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